Divine Brisbane

A project to photograph and catalogue every Worship place in Brisbane 

It turns out there are over 560 locations that we could find

Brisbane is a new world city

BRISBANE is a New World City

Bright, organised, freshly scrubbed and future focused.

A juvenile, in many ways.

Our origin is undocumented and, since invasion, initially disorganised and often shameful.

Looking back too closely is painful but looking forward provides slight optimism and much comfort.

We are determined to grow, succeed, and prosper for the benefit of all.

Brisbane Church

“I had recently stepped back from a long career as a professional photographer. Along the way I developed many interests, including architecture, history, and religion. These 3 things collided to produce what has become the Divine Brisbane project. .”

Robert Gray


A project this size needs structure and direction. The large area I divided into 5, for each direction of the compass and a central area.

The list would be confined to places which were open to the public. Generally, this excluded the many chapels within schools, hospitals and retirement homes.

Divine Brisbane


Whether you’re curious about the the project or would just like to say hi, we’re here to answer any questions.